Who are we?

Chiara Ortino

Chiara holds a degree from the CENATHO of Paris (European Association of holistic Naturopathy), from the IKC of Geneva (Kinesiology) and from the S-VYASA: Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University of Bangalore, India .
She is an aromatherapist, member of the FFMBE (French Federation for Wellbeing Massage).
Throughout her 30 years travels to India, she has received numerous teachings on the correlation between yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine.
She coordinates a team of massage therapists who have been working with her for years.


Touch is the first sense of communication and well being. Being touched is a vital necessity as much as eating, breathing, drinking and sleeping.

Massage therapy helps the person to rapidly relax and become aware of her/his tensions; it regulates the nervous system, reinforces the organism resistance to disease, purifies tissues by improving blood circulation and helps joints flexibility.

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Our food will be one of the enjoyments of your stay. It is vegetarian, 100% organic, and mainly from local production.

Our menus, fruit and vegetable juices are not only healthy but delicious as well. They are full of life, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, omega, etc. They will make you want to continue eating in such a way once you go back home.

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In Aromatherapy, essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants through steam distillation, except for citrus zest (obtained through mechanic pressure ) and aromatic wood resins (collected through trunks incisions).

Aromatic molecules are extremely volatiles, and are then easily diffused in the air. They go through the nose and there, captured by our million olfactive cells, go directly to the deepest layers of our brain.

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Chair massage

Mobile on-site chair massage is often sought for by companies for workplace interventions or for any particular events, such as workshops, conferences and even private parties. It is an original and effective way to promote communication.

Our practitioners come right to your workplace or event and set up the portable ergonomic chair wherever it’s most convenient for you.

We also come equipped with soothing stress relief music to help you unwind even faster.

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