Natural health cure  in Corsica

Created by Chiara Ortino and implanted in the heart of the Conca d’Oro, Atma proposes all year long Aromatherapy and Naturopathy consultations, Yoga classes, massages and natural health cure retreats.

Inspired by our long experience in-home massage therapy and Aromatherapy, more than two decades of experience with the ayurvedic cure in India and our passion for the great Naturopathic classics (grape cure, Breuss cure, Gerson cure…) Atma proposes :

  • MASSAGES : our team will move on appointment to your home (hotel, yacht)
  • Aromatherapy and Naturopathy consultations
  • Massage workshops
  • Yoga classes
  • Natural health cure retreats: it is an invitation to experiment the natural beauty and magic of Corsica, its wild perfumes, the absolute calm, the massages and the taste of our living food cuisine, entirely organic and vegetarian.This will help you recover a natural state of peace, equilibrium and liveliness.

We invite you to turn off your cell phones, to live in an environment free of Wi-Fi, to be able to immerse yourself in this retreat made of an astounding natural environment, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, delicious vegetarian buffets, daily massages, yoga rest and meditation.


the luxury of the essential

We have dreamt of a place and a time. Where true luxury would be the Essential…Health and natural beauty, time and space,peace and joy, attention and care, respect of the body and flourishing of the spirit…


Programme and venues